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Lisa Kleinholz is the author of two highly acclaimed mysteries featuring punk-rock journalist sleuth, Zoë Szabo. In Exiles on Main Street a murderer stalks a small community of Cambodian refugees whose lives have been shattered in Khmer Rouge killing fields. In Dancing with Mr. D—named one of the year's best mysteries in the Florida Sun-Sentinel—a tangled trail into the shady past of an environmental fanatic leads Zoë uncomfortably close to home. Kleinholz lives in Amherst, Massachusetts with her husband, folk musician Paul Kaplan, and a bichon frise. She has two daughters.

*Pronounced : ZO'ee ZAH'bo

cover Exiles on Main Street

A Cambodian exile is found knifed to death on a snowy December evening. Covering the murder for the local paper, ex-Rolling Stone writer Zoë Szabo discovers that she hasn't left her wild days completely behind as she becomes immersed in deadly vendettas dating back to the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge. Read the first chapter.

"A debut of great promise and verve, with an unforgettable heroine to carry its provocative story."
-Laura Lippman

"Crackling suspense, an affecting cast of complex characters and a fascinating window on Cambodian culture."
-Bonnie Wells, Amherst Bulletin

"Replete with compelling personalities, particularly the rock 'n roll refugees."
-Publishers Weekly

cover Dancing with Mr. D

An environmental zealot dies in what appears to be a grisly accident. As Zoë unravels the complex chain of events leading to the death, she is forced to confront not only the seamy underside of the town's most influential citizens, but also her own troubled marriage. Read the first chapter.

"Kleinholz blends a quick-moving plot, the nuances of small town life and politics, complex human relationships, and the rock music scene with a seamless ease and grace."
-Kate Flora

"Zoë is such a believable heroine. She really is someone who could stop by for coffee and tell you her story (if she had enough time). Kleinholz has give us a rich, interesting woman doing her best in some very complex situations... And if you thought Evanovich left you hanging at the end of Five, brace yourself for the ending of Dancing with Mr. D." Top-rated (5 cats)
Kate's Mystery Books Newsletter

"This clever, well-plotted story of a former rock journalist, her once-famous musician husband and their struggle to keep their family together will ring true with readers no matter what their musical tastes... a universal story."
-Oline H. Cogdill, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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